Mozambique hosted for the first time, between 14 and 21 February 2020, the first edition of Mozambique’s Fintech Week with the presence of more than 300 participants from 50 organizations, both national and international, in 10 scheduled events and others direct initiatives with different entities.


The Mozambique Fintech week aims to be an annual event, to be held during February, where various initiatives will be developed in the scope of training, information, dissemination, cooperation and presentation of services focused on the development of the digital economy in a perspective of technological innovation from Fintechs, Insuretechs and other technological startups that contribute to this development.


This 2020 edition was attended by several national and international staff who shared their experiences and ideas in a knowledge transmission approach for Mozambican companies that operate or intend to develop their activity in this area of Fintechs.


Fintechs week opened with an open class, given by Matteo Rizzi, about the talent management of new entrepreneurs and how they can contribute to innovation in companies. He also had the opportunity to talk about his recently released book entitled Talents & Rebels, Dealing with corporate misfits.