On the third day, February 17th, we started the morning with a presentation by Drª Daniela Moreia on the topic: How to make access to bank credit a reality for your Start Up. Various products offered by commercial banking were presented and options were discussed related to  financing models that Fintechs and Startups use to start their activities and which credit instruments are the most appropriate depending on the level they are.

Also during the morning, a presentation was made about the current status of Fintechs and Startups in Mozambique and the main challenges they face. This presentation was made by Engº João Gaspar,  FINTECH.MZ president.

In the afternoon of the 17th, we had a working session led by Engº Olavo Almeida on Technological Risks to which companies providing digital financial services are exposed and some ideas were discussed on how to mitigate them.